Short 10 Question Poker Quiz

Short 10 Question Poker Quiz

Think you know everything about poker and poker players?

These are not questions about the best way to play a hand. Rather, these questions are about the culture of poker and the people of poker.

Give it a shot. Answers below.

1. The banker in the book, The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King

A. Howard Lederer
B. Barry Greenstein
C. Andy Beal
D. Andy Bloch

2. His neighbors in Longworth, Texas walked across the street so as not to be seen with a professional gambler

A. Amarillo Slim Preston
B. Doyle Brunson
C. Jack Straus
D. Sailor Roberts

3. The subject of the movie, “High Roller,” and the book, “One of a Kind.”

A. Phil Hellmuth
B. Stu Ungar
C. Phil Ivey
D. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson

4. The “Devilfish”

A. Carlos Mortensen
B. Dewey Tomko
C. Layne Flack
D. David Ulliott

5. The “Unabomber”

A. The boyfriend of Jennifer Tilly
B. The husband of Jen Harman
C. The chauffer of Kathy Liebert
D. The wife of T. J. Cloutier

6. His wife is a psychiatrist

A. Ted Forrest
B. Daniel Negreanu
C. Josh Arieh
D. Phil Hellmuth

7. Mom and Dad have Ph.D’s and so does this pro

A. Howard Lederer
B. Cindy Violette
C. Chris Moneymaker
D. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson

8. The first wife of Tom Cruise is a serious player

A. Nicole Kidman
B. Katie Holmes
C. Shannon Elizabeth
D. Mimi Rogers

9. Finished second to Joe Hachem at main event of the 2005 World Series of Poker

A. Mike Matusow
B. Greg Raymer
C. Steve Dannenmann
D. David Grey

10. The poker-playing son of Barry Greenstein

A. Huck Seed
B. John Murphy
C. Robert Varkonyi
D. Joe Sebok

And the answers:

1. Andy Beal is the banker in the Michael Craig book, “The Professor (Howard Lederer), the Banker, and the Suicide King (the king of hearts). This is the story of the richest poker game of all time where a team of pros took of billionaire Beal. There is some dispute about just how much money actually changed hands, but at $100,000 and $200,000 a pop, there was once $20 million dollars on the table at the Bellagio.

2. Doyle Brunson tells the story of his neighbors crossing the street so as not to be seen with – gasp – a professional gambler. In Super Systems 2, not only will you learn a great deal about how to play poker, but you’ll also learn a great deal about Brunson’s fascinating life. He has a master’s degree in education, trained to be a school principal, worked as a salesman for a time, but was making more at poker than at sales, so . . .

3. Tony Vidmer is the director of the movie, “High Roller,” originally titled, “Stuey.” You can catch this on DVD. The story of Stu Ungar is also told in a terrific book by Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson, “One of a Kind. The Rise and Fall of Stuey Ungar, the Greatest Poker Player of All Time.” This book covers Stuey’s rise and fall, to his end in a porn hotel north of the Strip, where he died, broke and alone. Friends took up a collection to pay for his funeral.

4. Englishman David Ulliott is the “Devilfish.” He wears a ring that spells out “Devilfish” (big ring). The devilfish is a Chinese culinary delicacy that could kill you if not properly prepared. Beware the “Devilfish.”

5. “Unabomber” Phil Laak hides behind a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. He is also the squeeze of Jennifer Tilly, the Academy Award-nominated actress. Has teamed up with actor James Woods in a series of team challenges. Has come out on top twice.

6. Phil Hellmuth’s wife is a psychiatrist. Some say she needs to do a little more work on him. She has to be proud of his nine World Series of Poker bracelets. She apparently handles Phil, her own profession, and two boys well. They make their home in Palo Alto, California.

7. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is the son of two academics. Chris got his Ph. D. in computer science from UCLA. He and his Dad publish scholarly papers on game theory. Chris says he would like to be a professor in a university someday. When not playing poker, he is into swing dancing.

8. Mimi Rogers, a former Playboy model, is a serious poker player. She is often seen on Bravo TV’s, “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” co-hosted by pro Phil Gordon. Traveled to Ireland in 2005 to open The Gaming Club World Poker Championships. Has played Mrs. Kensington in several Austin Powers movies.

9. Steve Dannenmann came in second after an exhausting heads-up battle with winner, Joe Hachem, a former chiropractor from Australia. Joe picked up $7.5 million but Steve shed no tears as this Maryland accounted pocketed $4.25 mil. Credits a book by World Series of Poker winner, Dan Harrington, as a major factor in his success.

10. Joe Sebok was about six years old when Barry Greenstein married his Mom. Joe is close to his biological father, but proudly considers Barry as his Dad. Barry dedicated his book, “Ace on the River,” to his six kids, including Joe, of course. Also known as “Joe Poker” in his articles for Card Player Magazine. Dad’s lessons are paying off: Joe made a final table at two World Series of Poker events in 2005.

How did you do?

9-10 correct.
You’re ready for the World Series of Poker. Get $10,000 together and go for it.

7-8 correct.
How about a World Poker Tour event in the Caribbean?

5-6 correct.
Stick with $2/$4 tables

4 or less.
Stick with free online games.

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