Lady Dream Casino

Lady Dream Casino Bonus

Our Lady Dream Casino bonus is good for 100% with no limit. You can take advantage of this exclusive bonus by simply using one of our links to and opening a new real money account.

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On top of that, Lady Dream Casino offers their loyal players a special reload bonus of 25%, again with no limit. You can deposit any amount and will still get the bonus. The bonus applies to each deposit after your first, and is a great way of improving your odds to win.

You can use your bonus money right away too. If you depositted $1000, you will have $2000 in your account, and can wager all of it if you like. However, you must remember that you can’t cash out the bonus until you’ve wagered about 10x the amount. Lets say that you bet the $2000 and win $2000. Now you have $4000 in your account. You can cash out $3000, but not the $1000 bonus.

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Make sure that you use our link to go to the Lady Dream Casino, it has the bonus attached to it. There is no other way to guarantee the bonus.

Before you play, you should do your research on the online casinos that you are thinking about playing at. Why don’t you start with our review of Lady Dream Casino? It is resolved of 12 factors involved with a quality online casino.