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Reading some casino articles will help you understand how to play casino games. Everybody should know how to follow the basic strategy that helps players win or cut down the house edge in casino games. Even poker players gamble in the casino while they await their poker table.

This page is an index of basic casino game rules, basic strategy, and some advanced strategy articles.

Baccarat Rules and Strategy
Bingo Rules and Strategy
Learn how to play Baccarat with this guide to basic baccarat rules and strategy. Learn how to play bingo with this guide to basic bingo rules and strategy techniques.
Blackjack, How to Count Cards
Blackjack Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Casino article explaining why the 5’s are the most important cards in the deck when it comes to counting card strategy and technique. Casino article about how to fix common mistakes made in blackjack by beginning blackjack players.
Blackjack Odds
Blackjack Rules
Casino article about controlling blackjack wins by using blackjack odds to your advantage. Learn how to play blackjack by reading this casino article about following the basic blackjack rules.
Casino War, Understanding the House Edge
Craps Strategy, Basics
Casino article explaining the basic rules and strategy of the game Casino War. Also explains the house edge in Casino War. How to play casino Craps by the basic rules, including basic strategy to play Craps.
Slot Machine Strategy
Online Video Poker
Casino article about how to win at slot machines by using a goal oriented strategy and bankroll management. Casino article about why playing video poker online can actually be better, both financially and entertainment-wise, than playing video poker in a casino.