Poker Mobile 2016 – Smartphone Poker has Truly Arrived

If you had to think of a good reason to play poker though a mobile phone seven or eight years ago, there was only one reason: convenience. Other than the fact that these small phones allowed you to play poker virtually anywhere, there wasn’t a lot else to tout about the mobile game. The graphics were bad, the gameplay was buggy and game selection was very limited. But this has all vastly changed with poker mobile 2016 because the experience is so much better. This is especially the case with smartphone poker developments, which we’ll discuss below.

Very Similar to PC-based Play

Up until recently, mobile poker was looked at as a fun novelty. It was fun to carry around your cell phone and play for a few minutes when you got bored. But let’s face it: guys like Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey weren’t exactly using mobile phones to play any serious sessions.

Things have changed in a big-time way, though, because wireless poker is much more similar to Mac and PC-based play. For starters, the cash-game stakes have increased quite a bit. Mobile players are no longer relegated to just playing $0.02/$0.04 No-Limit Texas Hold’em from their smartphone. Now they can enjoy a lot more mid-stakes games and different variations. Speaking of the latter, some of the biggest mobile poker rooms offer just about every variation available, including Badugi, HORSE, 2-7 Triple Draw and Razz. So there’ll be no shortage of options when you play wireless poker these days.

More Features and Better Gameplay

Continuing with the theme of how mobile poker has become more akin to the PC product, you can also enjoy far more in-play features and superior gameplay. Beginning with the latter, the graphics and gameplay are stellar through an Android smartphone. Sure, this has a lot to do with the advancements of Android products over the years. But one can’t deny how smooth and crystal-clear the modern Android poker rooms are.

As for the features, players have more options at their disposal than ever before. Some of these include lobby filters, hand histories, player statistics and mutli-tabling. It’s almost strange being able to multi-table on a smartphone these days because it doesn’t seem that long ago when playing multiple tables in mobile poker was impossible.

Many Different Sites to choose from

One more sign of mobile poker’s emergence is how players have far more options to choose from when looking for a poker site. Most rooms at least allow you to directly visit their site with a smartphone or tablet and play. Others actually have their own apps that you can download and start playing. In either case, it’s great to see how the number of mobile-compatible poker sites has increased by a lot.

So if you’re hoping to play some poker through your Android smartphone and possibly win some money, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience far more these days.

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