PokerStars Daily Tournaments Up the Ante

I like to stay on top of the tournament s available for me to cash in on and so hearing the PokerStars is going to have daily tournaments was right up my alley. I like that PokerStars always tries to stay one step ahead of the competition in its offerings and this new series of tournaments, dubbed the Hot Turbos, is right on the money.

The poker tournaments will have various buy-ins and prizes that vary as well, with some as large as $30,000. As if that weren’t incentive enough, the pools will be doubled on Sundays. I really like that I can play short, quick games with buy-ins as low as $0.55 or bigger games that have cost $109 to join.

The Turbo

Players who are unfamiliar with Turbo events will find that they move at a much faster speed and that the blind levels increase much more quickly. Rounds last about five minutes, compared to ten or fifteen minutes for a normal game.  The break time for these tournaments is usually thirty minutes compared to the sixty minute breaks in standard poker tournaments.


The Hot Turbos will be played seven days a week with levels of play varying from less than a buck to join to the $109 max buy-in. If you are interested in playing in these super-hot tournaments, you need to go to the PokerStars site and search for Hot Turbos to register for the next one coming up. If you use the satellites that are available for the games, you may be able to get your seat for less money.

The schedule for the turbo tournaments stays the same during duration of the event and is listed on their website. You can find the buy-in, time and the payout listed for your convenience. Players can play for a pool of $30,000 with a mere $75 buy –in or $2,500 for a $0.55 buy-in. There’s a game for everyone in the Hot Turbo tournaments.

Mac players will enjoy this news as the site is one of the Mac friendly poker sites. There are other bonuses and incentives available for players.  There are many different games to choose from and multiple payment options for withdrawing money. Check out the find out how the games and payouts work before committing to play. Once you have the details, sign up to play in the Hot Turbos tournaments and get in on the action.

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