Trailer for New Greek Movie “Poker Face”

When it comes to the world of poker cinema, there’s “Rounders,” which has some great poker quotes by the way, and then there’s not really much else to discuss. But perhaps the Greek film industry could help fill the gaping void between Rounders and other poker movies with a new project called “Poker Face.” Saving you the headache of any cheesy Lady Gaga jokes, we’ll get right to what Poker Face is about.

From the looks of the preview, the protagonist is a young female player who’s looking to take down a fictional European poker champion named “Waterproof.” Along the way, Waterproof unsuccessfully tries to put the moves on our lady hero, they end up exchanging some run-of-the-mill poker advice, and the two eventually play heads-up for €600k. Poker Face may not immortalize the game like Rounders did, but it certainly looks worth viewing.

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