No Limit Holdem in Vegas Part I

No Limit Holdem in Las Vegas

What would any rational professional poker player do once he has turned twenty-one – fly to Vegas of course. As my twenty-first birthday approached I was ready to place my skills to the test in the ultimate poker arena.

The outcome – not impressed. As I arrived at the Vegas airport I was pleased to see the abundance of slot machines strategically placed in front of you as soon as you walk off the plane. As my friends and I laugh at the people enclosed in these glass cases full of slot machines we feel the beating of our hearts rise as Vegas is about to be tackled. I have heard rumors of my skills at the poker table including the infamous the best player in Toronto. With these thoughts floating in my skull I am ready to take my strategies to the best tables in the world.

Hotel Check In

We went to check into our hotel. The hotel of choice is the Las Vegas Hilton, which I would recommend as it is cheaper than the larger names and about a five minute walk from the strip.

Once our bags were in our rooms, I couldn’t even say the word Vegas before one of my associates took off and decided to explore Vegas by himself. Myself and the others needed to catch up on some necessary food intake so, hilariously, we went to Denny’s.

After contemplating regurgitation and deciding against eating, it was poker time. Where? The Bellagio of course as I have heard that is where you can find the best in the world. And as contradictory as this may sound, if you are not an amateur then trust me when I say that you do not want to play with amateurs as your strategies will be tossed out the window when you get calleddown with ace five off suit to catch a gutshot straight simply because he doesn’t consider odds.

Anyways I’m looking for a game and that is the bottom line. It was fairly late, approximately one or two in the morning so I figure there must be a thousand games at any level going strong. To my astonishment I walk into the poker pit and find about nine tables running at a substantially low level.

Let me make something clear before I continue. I am a strict no-limit Texas Holdem poker player. I have no problem, I say this hesitantly, with playing limit poker but I just cannot stand the fact that you can’t put a person to the test for all of his or her chips, which I feel is the determining factor of a real poker player. Furthermore, the pots in limit poker, unless the blinds are 10/20 or higher, are relatively small and thus you could win five pots and be up fifty dollar, which is a waste of time. So I personally enjoy a nice no-limit game as I consider myself a high risk gambler.

When I entered the Bellagio’s poker room, I was surprised at the amount or lack of amount of no-limit games. There were a few, but I was stuck at 5/10 no-limit. In addition, I was with a bunch of amateurs who have decided, overnight, to become poker players from their time spent watching the sport on television. I played my game and set my traps. And after about an hour and a half, when my associates are pleading with me to leave, I cash out with a four hundred dollar gain.

I decided I would not be one of those typical stupid gamblers who play the high limit slots and shoot for a million. The main reason for this rationale is that my bankroll was not where I wanted it to be and thus I wanted to build it before I started to play stupidly. My strategy was set and my first mission on the first night was accomplished.

I admit that I was tired and ready for sleep. We got back to the room and smoked some funny cigarettes and everybody proceeded to pass out. I put my head down on the pillow and had a devastating thought – I’m in Vegas damnit I can’t sleep. I jump out of bed look around at the passed out crew and said simply “who’s comming back to the strip with me?”

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Stud Historical Kyle Healey Poker Bankroll Blog

Kyle Healey’s Poker Blog

Starting Bankroll: $50 Pokerstars
Jan.14: First tournament will be a $10 +1 single table at PokerStars – 9 People at 10:20 a.m on a Saturday. I am off to the tables now with no sleep, but I still feel alert and very ready to play.

Got knocked down early to $350 in level 1. I had 99 and raised it to 60 with 3 callers. Flop came 5 2 5 and I bet 200. I was raised all in. Thought about it and put him on a bluff (because he acted so quickly and it was a premium spot to bluff). He had QQ though and I lost. Now I have to grind it back up if I can because I don’t want to start off my official poker career playing like a donkey. I started to loosen way up but I am just going to sit tight and see if I can get a nice hand to double up with. It’s not worth playing if it’s not worth playing your best effort. That will be the motto from now on in this progress chart. Down to 8 players now from 9. Still on the grind up to 860 chips after that early loss. Well I finished in 5th place. I had two pair AQ going into the river, where A7 one pair and flush draw hit his backdoor flush. So there it is. I had the best hand going in and I had all my chips (2200 worked up from  350) and it’s all for nothing as I got sucked out bad there. Truly was a bad beat. Im going to go have a cigarette and come back and play again. Not sure what type of game, probably a heads up match I have to prove my superior skills right here right now because the I played great poker after that first stupid move in the first $10 tourney.

Current Bankroll: $39 PokerStars

Now I am going to play a $5 heads up match hoping to find an easy opponent. My strategy is easy does it and concentrate trying to slowly build this bankroll.

Current Bankroll: $33.75 Pokerstars

Went down early he now has a 2:1 chip lead I got caught bluffing. Need to play better here. I have come back and won the tournament about 5 minutes later.

Current Bankroll: $43.75 Pokerstars

That competitor was pretty easy for me once I settled down, and I took him out. I had K7 of hearts and he had K2 of spades and the flop came down K47. I underbet the pot and induced him to push all in. I called without hesitation. I think I will play another $5 Pokerstars heads up match, hopefully finding another easy competitor.

Current Bankroll: $38.50

Well I dropped that one quickly, lost to another flush draw.. hmmm. that’s the second loss today and the second time I was favorite going in with all my money. This time I had Aces and he had the flush draw. Oh well now I am going to play a $10 heads up tourney see what happens.

Current Bankroll: $28.00

Set up in a $10 heads up match with a player named cutie sumthing with a picture of a cute girl. This is just a tactic to make me think I’m playing a girl for sure. Anyways I had trip 7’s and managed to trick him/her into bluffing me all in with nothing so I won that match.

Current Poker Stars Bankroll: $48

Entered a $5 heads up match – If I win this I will be back over my starting bankroll of $50.

Current Poker Stars Bankroll: $42.75

He currently has a 2:1 chip advantage need to get back up. Too late I am out. I really can’t play these small limits. I think I am just going to try my luck at a higher buyin tourney sng or perhaps a ring game. I am definately not feeling these pokerstars heads up matches I am 2 – 2, and my PokerStars Bankroll is down $7.25. I shouldn’t be affected by this. Writing out the results and my inner reactions is helping me relax and the urge to jump into a ring game is slowly dissapearing.  I believe I am actually having a realization. I do not really like playing sit and go tourneys that much. But I want to try another $10 sng with 9 people. I feel I did well in that tourney and got really sucked out. So that is what I will play now, a $10 sng. We’ll see how this goes. It is now about 12:15 on Sat.Jan.14th. This is how I will track my online poker from now on. I really want to become a better player and this is truly helping me. Writing about my play keeps my mind on the money, and on the effort I need to put in to win other people’s money from them. I think it would be fun to play some other types of poker to keep my mind interested and excited. I may enter the $1 7 card stud hi/lo tourney and grind it out.  I bought in for this and will buyin for a $10 sng nl tourney. My goal in the multi-table tourney is to make it as far as possible.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $30.25

Currently 1st place in chip stacks $10 sng will keep you updated.

Have only 1335 left in the 7 stud hi/lo tourney

I have just won the $10 sng for $45. I made on amazing call when a player when all in for 1500 chips and I called with pocket K’s. There was an Ace on board but I had a feeling he didn’t have it from the way he’d been playing. I was very proud of myself.

I have over 5500 chips in the small 7 stud tourney limit its a pretty small tourney but I am having fun playing stud.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $75.65

Now I’m getting tired but I really want to finish in the money just for principles sake. 256 people left, top 120 get paid. I have less than 2000 chips left now. I finished 242nd out of 608, which is crap by my standards even though I don’t play 7 Card stud very often. Time to go to sleep, maybe will get more action in later on tonight.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $75.65

Entering another $10 sng 9 man table

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $64.65

Will try to play tight in this one ,not involved in too many pots until the blinds rae up, giving me better odds to finish in the money. Tried to make a move early and lost $500 chips or so. I thought they would both fold because I smelt weakness but one guy was trapping. Need to stick to the original plan now and grind it out. Ouch, out in 8th place. Flopped top pair with QJ and lost to trip 9’s… ouch… Notin I can do just a bad read on my part. Down to $53.65 again b/c I’m immediately playing another one of these sng and doing it right.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $53.65

Got caught trying to make a couple moves, seems to be my downfall. 6 people left I have 1000 chips left 50/100 blinds. Looking for a made hand. Up to 1275 chips, still 6 ppl left. Blinds are 50/100. Something’s gotta give soon – stay posted. Bad move by be calling preraise flop with 99 against tight player. He had KK which i knda put him on. Only 500 chips left now, gonna make my move. 62, 52, 42, 52, last 4 hands cant go in yet. I came in on 5th place, eventually getting sent out on the river by kq when i held A8. I am now moving to the ring games as after many hours I am still even on the sit an go’s today.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $53.65

Bought in with the full bankroll at .50/1 nl. My plan is to play tricky and take down the big pots while picking up the small ones.

Evened out, time to play a $10 sng , I really will try and win this one, after all it is money. Gotta stay focused and know the players to be a good nl player. Got an early chip 2800 2nd place gonna grind it out.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $40.70

Down to 4 players and I just tried a stupid reraise. Need to make top 3 gonna try really hard. Have 2,270 chips left. Made top 3, called a bluff down with 88. Now I’m aiming for 1st. I have won 1st and now have

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $85.70

Now I guess I should play another tourney since I kicked ass in that one. I really do feel like dipping into the ring games though. These are the decisions a poker player has to make on a daily basis. I just registered for another one. We’ll see what happens in this game to decide what I do next.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $74.70

Currently am 2nd in chips with 7 people left blinds are 50/100. I need to get going here and start playing tighter. Just after I wrote that I started playing even looser. Now I will tighten up for real. In the top 3 now with the chip lead, time to take down 1st. what a lucky catch this guy just got on me doubled thru. damn. Well I just got sucked out – str8 on the river to beat my two pair and boat on the river to beat my two pair. Two bad beats and Im in 2nd.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $101.70

I have now doubled my money. I am not happy about those beats however.. I’m going to play ring games now.  Will start up at the .50/1 again. I have bought in for $40. I have decided if I lose this I will probably cash out the remaining $60 and just do other things. But I wont lose it.

Right now I am playing 7 card stud .50/1 limit h/l, bankroll around $120. Now I’m going to play in a $20 sng nl holdem 9 players.
Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $95.40

My plan in this tourney is to make it into the money and 1st place. I will concentrate very hard on players in order to win. 7 Players left now, will keep you updated. 7th place, called an all in thought he was bluffing ended up being outkicked with a pair of A. Time for ring games goin loose right now.

I have been playing 3 tables at once stud h/l limit, and now I am buying into a $10 mtt.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $210.95

In the $10 buyin, there is over 1000 people and 198 places paid. Down to 800 sum chips, gonna start playing tighter, while playing some h/l stud on the side, also playing tightly. I’m out of that tourney fairly quickly. I think I played horribly, don’t know why I did. Im going back to paying some h/l stud now for a while to cool off an regain my composure. Sitting down at $1/2 limit h/l stud.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $210.95

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $195.10

Going to Play a $20 sng nl holdem tourney, because that is what I feel I would do best in right now. My strategy is to study my opponents, play tricky, and come out on top. I want that 1st place: $90

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $173.35

Well I had the chip lead, and then got a guy allin when i flopped trip 3’s . Well he had 99 and somehow found his 2 outer on the river. Now I am down to 1300 chips with 7 people left. That river was truly a bad beat. Another beat on the river. Flop comes AQK, I have A9. Player moves all in, I call. He has 1010 and hits his jack right on the turn. River comes K which can’t help me. I’m out in 6th. Now I will most likely cashout, no I will definately cashout $100 and play with the remaining $73. Will update later. Even if I lose this $73 in 20 seconds I will not dip in the $100 because it is double my deposit, which is a good goal.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $73.00 (cashed out: $100)

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $168.30 (cashed out: $100)

Trying to decide what to play now. I think a series of heads up matches are in order because I think I can beat anybody when I’m at the top of my game, and right now I am. Will start with a $10 heads up match. Then I will probably go to sleep as I have school in the morning, then it will be back to playing again.
After losing the heads up match, went to play nl ring games 0.50/1 nl all night.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $452 (cashed out: $100)

I am cashing out another $300 when I wake up. Therefore I have made $350 profit off of my $50 deposit that is guaranteed cash.  Also that leaves me with another $150 to play with in my account, which by itself is 3x my deposit.

Current Pokerstars Bankroll: $152 (cashed out $400)

I’ve been multi tabling nl cash games and now I am in a $10,000 guaranteed tourney with over 2000 people.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $350 (cashed out $400)

The tourney has gone from 2200 people to 1995. It is a rebuy tournament and the prize pool is already over $15,000. Definately worth playing my best poker.  I have re bought once, after gaining 4000 chips and then going all in with AA only to lose to 45 suited flush on the turn. Im out of the tournament now, ran into JJJ on the river. I need to start playing better tournament poker. I think I will take a short break, and then come back for some sit and go action, and try my hardest.  Playing in a $20 sng 9 man table now. Darm. down to 800 chips after the 1st hand. I need to play better. I had him preflop but he was winning by the turn and called my bet. Back up to even now – the screen literall shows me winning like 5 or 6 of the last 7 hands.

Dealer: Game #3662438870: ecooto wins pot (300)
Dealer: Game #3662447286: gizmo14 wins pot (230)
Dealer: Limits going up: blinds 15/30
Dealer: Game #3662457008: ecooto wins pot (105)
Dealer: Game #3662461479: ecooto wins pot (60)
Dealer: Game #3662466176: ecooto wins pot (390)

My plan now is to win. I have been raising almost every pot, taking control of the table. Just lost to a straight, now have 1845 chips with 7 players left. Top 3 get money. still 7 players left. I flopped a flush two hands in a row, cashed in on one. Now i have roughtly 5000 chops. Now there is the final 3 and I am chip leader. And I won the tourney finally winning all in K10 called vs. 85. Prize: $90. Now I am going to play another $20 sng b/c I just won that one.

Current PokerStars Bankroll: $396.90 (cashed out $400)

January 19, 2007 – Added Some New Poker Articles

So it’s been awhile since we’ve really made much of an update, but that doesn’t mean that the poker articles found on this site are out of date, oh no. Each and every poker article still holds is validity and can still be used to win at poker against multiple opponents.

And just for you, I’ve decided to add a few more poker articles to our arsenal.

The first article about poker focuses on strong versus weak poker hands in no limit holdem. The article basically tells you which hands come out on top in a typical hand of poker

The next article that I’ve added gives advice about how to choose the best sit and go table. This was a difficult concept to write about, but I felt that it was necessary to add.

June 19, 2006

New poker article added on how to build your own poker table.

New poker chips resources page added

Press Release from Showdown Poker Tour – Matt Savage joins Showdown Poker Tour

News from Daniel Negreanu’s video game, Stacked Poker. Daniel Negreanu’s Stacks Poker Video Game get’s new intelligence.

2006 WSOP Schedule

2006 World Series of Poker

Welcome to HustleCard’s 2006 WSOP (World Series of Poker) 2006 page. On this page you will find all you need to know about poker’ most prestigious event including detailed tournament schedules and satellite structures so you could take your place among the greats for a cheap buy-in.

2006 World Series of Poker Schedule

The official schedule for the World Series of Poker 2006. The live action starts on June 25th with satellites. In total, 44 WSOP events will be held, and the winner of each one will receive a classic gold bracelet. The main event will start on July 28th, and end on August 10th with the crowning of the new World Champion of Poker.

Date # Tournament Buy-in
June 25 Satellites/Live Action begins
June 26 1 Casino Employee no-limit Hold’em $500
June 27 2 No-limit Hold’em $1,500
June 28 3 Pot-limit Hold’em $1,500
June 29 4 Limit Hold’em $1,500
June 30 5 Short-handed (6/table) no-limit Hold’em $2,500
July 1 6 No-limit Hold’em $2,000
July 2 7 Limit Hold’em $3,000
July 3 8 Omaha High-Low Split $2,000
July 4 9 No-limit Hold’em $5,000
July 5 10 Seven Card Stud $1,500
July 6 11 Limit Hold’em $1,500
July 6 12 Omaha Hi-low Split $5,000
July 7 13 No-Limit Hold’em $2,500
July 8 14 No-Limit Hold’em w/re-buys $1,000
July 9 15 Ladies Event No-limit Hold’em, 1 day event $1,000
July 9 16 Pot-Limit Omaha $10,000
July 10 17 No-Limit Hold’em $1,000
July 11 18 Pot-Limit Hold’em $2,000
July 12 19 Seniors no-limit Hold’em, 1 day event $1,000
July 12 20 No-limit 2 to 7 Draw Lowball w/re-buys $5,000
July 13 21 No-limit Hold’em, Short-handed (6/table) $2,500
July 14 22 No-Limit Hold’em $2,000
July 15 23 Limit Hold’em $3,000
July 15 24 Omaha Hi-low Split $3,000
July 16 25 No-limit Hold’em Shootout $2,000
July 17 26 Pot-Limit Omaha $1,500
July 18 27 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
July 19 28 Seven Card Stud $5,000
July 19 29 Pot-Limit Hold’em $2,500
July 20 30 No-limit Hold’em, Short-handed (6/table) $5,000
July 21 31 No-Limit Hold’em $2,000
July 22 32 Pot-Limit Hold’em $5,000
July 22 33 Seven Card Razz $1,500
July 23 34 No-limit Hold’em w/rebuys $1,000
July 24 35 Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split $1,000
July 24 36 Limit Hold’em Shootout $1,500
July 25 37 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
July 26 Super Satellite Day (see below)
July 27 Media/Celebrity Event
July 27 Super Satellite Day (see below)
No-limit Texas Hold’em World Championship Event
July 28 38 No-limit Texas Hold’em World Championship Event $10,000
July 28 Day 1A 2000 play down to 800
July 29 Day 1B 2000 play down to 800
July 30 Day 1C 2000 play down to 800
July 31 Day 1D 2000 play down to 800
August 1 A + B 1600 to 700
August 2 C + D 1600 to 700
August 3 Day off for main event
August 3 39 No-limit Hold’em, 1 day event $1,000
August 4 ABCD Play 1400 down to 600
August 5 Play 600 down to 300
August 5 40 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
August 6 Play 300 down to 150
August 6 41 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
August 7 Play 150 down to 60
August 7 42 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
August 8 Play 60 down to 27
August 8 43 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
August 9 Play 27 down to 9
August 9 44 No-Limit Hold’em $1,500
August 10 Final Table

Super Satellite Schedule: $230 buy-in Super Satellites will take place daily at 3 p.m. $1060 buy-in Mega Super Satellites will take place nightly at 7 p.m

Super Satellite Days on July 26 and July 27: $230 buy-in Super Satellite will take place at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. $1060 buy-in Mega Super Satellite will take place at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Second Chance Tournament: $540 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments will take place daily at 5 p.m. $225 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments will take place nightly at 11 p.m.