Poker at Home

Playing poker at home can be a great opportunity for having fun and getting together with your friends once in a while. The goal of playing poker at home is not necessarily making money. It’s more an opportunity to socialize. Nevertheless, home poker is still gambling, although there is not so much money involved, the desire to win is the same. Thus, by gathering your friends in your home around a table you can have your very own “casino”.

In order to have a succesful home-poker night, you need to prepare thoroughly. The first thing you need to do is call up your friends, or send them an e-mail to invite them, but be sure to ask them to confirm a day in advance because you wouldn’t want to be in the situation where there are not enough players. In order to avoid this situation we also recommend you to invite over more people than it is absolutely necessary, because you know… “the more, the merrier”. We also advise you to play a poker variation everybody is familiar with, but if there are some friends that are unfamiliar with that certain game, email them the rules so that they come prepared.

All these being taken care of, make sure you have everything you need for your poker night. First of all you need to have at least 2 decks of playing cards. Moreover, you need to have a large card table, enough chairs for everyone to be seated, poker chips, a notebook and some pens (to write down the scores), and of course some snacks and drinks. Some good music could also come in handy.

Once everybody has arrived it’s time to get started. Seat everyone around the table and then make sure everybody knows the rules of the game by briefly relating them. After that shuffle the cards and deal. It’s a good idea to rotate the deal so that everybody feels involved.

Home poker nights are a great opportunity to socialize, so ask the people you have invited over to bring with themselves some other people, too. Thus, you will get to know new people. Since the goal of this reunion, besides playing poker, is also having fun, take some breaks from playing, and thus allow your friends to have conversations.

Nowadays “Texas Hold’em” is the most popular poker game, so some of the friends you have invited might know its rules. But if you are into trying new things, as well, we recommend you other poker games, such as: “Double-Flop Texas Hold’em”, “Crazy Pineapple Poker”, “Omaha Poker”, “Seven Card Stud”, or “Razz Poker”. It’s a good thing to play more kinds of poker games during a home poker night, because if you keep on playing the same poker game all night long some of your friend might get bored, and you wouldn’t want that.

Organizing home poker nights on a regular basis could be a great opportunity for keeping in touch with your friend, so try doing this once a month or at other regular periods.

But there is another impoprtant aspect you should be aware about: in some states gambling in your home is illegal. So make sure you have checked out the law of the state you live in related to this topic.