No Limit Holdem in Vegas Part II

NL Holdem in Vegas Part II

Poker article continued from NL Holdem in Vegas Page I. This page is part II

…”Who’s comming back to the strip with me?” Who would have thought it would be so damn difficult to find a no-limit game at six in the morning? I personally had this magical conception of Vegas, in terms of poker especially, that I could get a game anywhere anytime. This was not true. I walked all over the damn place looking for a game, any game I’ll even take a limit game. I first started at the Bellagio, come on best known for poker there must be some high rollers left over from the long night. I was amazed to see an empty poker pit and a pit boss telling me, “yeah, the game should start back up around nine or ten”. Nine or ten! It was six in the morning at the time and I’m working on my second wind here I need a game.

So I left the Bellagio and headed elsewhere. I found myself at the MGM. This casino, I am almost sure, the 2nd largest in the world! Foxwoods, New England is the largest and I believe Fallsview, Niagra Falls is the third. So here I am at the 2nd largest casino in the world and do you think there is a game? Obviously not, I enter – again – an empty poker pit and a confused look on the pit boss’s face. So without giving up hope I headed to where I “heard” there would be a good no-limit game at all times – the Rio. Why you ask I didn’t head there right away, well it is actually decently far, if your walking, from everything else. However, on my way to the Rio I had to go through Caesar’s palace, which is a gorgeous casino with a beautiful mall yet no poker game. Anyways I head through Caesar’s and was off on my way to Rio.

Now the way to walk to Rio is actually quite unpleasant. It is along a highway or freeway or some kind of crap like that and the sidewalk is dangerously located an inch from where crazy drivers are speeding by you on hazardous turns and bends. Furthermore, you must talk a pedestrian boardwalk which is distasteful to the scenery in Vegas but mere aesthetics is the least of your worries. As I walked on the boardwalk I noticed several spray painted signs. Upon closer examination, from my limited knowledge of L.A. street gangs, I noticed it was a specific type of L.A. gang one in which I would definitely want to avoid. I will keep the name confidential to keep myself and my loved ones out of possible danger but lets just say it was not the nicest feeling to know that I was walking in gang territory.

What a feeling of relief when I approached the Rio, my shirt was off and around my head due to the blistering heat. I place my shirt back on and head inside. I walk confidently to the poker pit. Don’t worry Johnny everything will be good, there has to be a game come on it’s the Rio, I walk into the poker pit and nothing. Crud, I just hiked up Mount Everest and found a McDonalds at the top – no surprises. Instead of conversing with the pit boss I just decided to cut my losses spark up a cigarette and head back to civilization.

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