David Williams, a Sex Tape Porn Star?

David Williams, Poker or Porn?

If you are savvy to the online poker world and have read some of the larger poker forums on the internet, then you have probably heard that David Williams, 2nd place finisher in a WSOP event and famous poker player, was in a low budget pornography film before he was a poker star.

Of course this has caused many people to argue of whether or not David Williams is actually in that sex tape or if it is just a very similar look alike. This author has to think, who cares? and what does this have to do with poker? Let’s be honest, the people who truly are hanging on to this for too long can’t have that much on their plates.

I mean, when I first came across it on Never Win Poker I had a little chuckle – but that that was it. A week later and people are still talking about it.

Who knows, maybe I am just a youthful and ignorant writer who just doesn’t see the big deal that David Williams was a porn actor in the past (which he unofficially denies).

I think as a poker player myself I would much rather read a poker article than talk in a forum about David Williams and whether or not the porno really features him. He said it wasn’t, and I give David Williams enough respect to leave that at that – Now Shuffle up and deal.