Phil Ivey vs. Andy Beal

Phil Ivey versus Andy Beal

All I could do was laugh. It was all over the news and the internet. Poker pro Phil Ivey challenged by Billionaire Andy Beal to a heads up poker match.

The first thing that came to my mind was that Andy Beal’s buy-in  was better off going to charity or some sort of cancer research.  To make a long story short, Phil Ivey and Andy Beal played heads up no limit poker for 3 days, with breaks to sleep, eat and relax. 

At the end of the grueling heads-up match, Phil Ivey had successfully hustled 16 million dollars out of Andy Beal. At first Ivey only had 6 million of Beal’s cash (only, ya right), and after the first night Andy Beal vowed never to play poker again.

The next day, the two played again and after being down 16 million to poker professional Phil Ivey, Andy Beal once again claimed he would never play poker again.

The match seals Phil Ivey’s reputation as the best poker player currently in the world. This author believes that a man taking a shot at Phil Ivey for 3 days would have to be a better player to leave Ivey stuck.