Going on a Rush or Run

Going on a Run in Poker

After slumping for a while or going on tilt, hitting a serious poker run can be just what you need to get you going again. I have been sitting at a table where someone has won 10 hands in a row, showing down. Winning this many hands in a row is rare but it does happen and it’s a memory to keep.

The only way you can actually go on a poker run is to play any hand directly after you win. There is exceptions of total garbage of course but you get the point. Both online and casino poker have crazy poker runs and the more you play, the more chance you will have to experience this wonderful feeling.

Famous poker player Doyle Brunson strongly believes in runs. He wrote in his book, Super System, that he knows the math might not make sense, but runs do happen. He enjoys playing hands back to back in order to go on runs, and will do so frequently when it is cheap to enter the next pot.