Using Poker Chat Box to Win

Efficient Use of Poker Chat Box


So who are the right people to taunt? The right people to taunt are those that play wild and aggressive in the first place. The idea behind this is that by taunting them you can put them on tilt. If they play wild in the first place then chances are they will play even worse when they are angry. Additionaly there is a good chance that they will take any loses they encounter as bad beats, and will rage against the fish that sucked out on them. Because of this they will often rebuy and you will get chance at even more of their money.

The wrong people to taunt are your normal brand of fish, the kind of people who don’t play very aggressive and loosely call hands. These are the kind of people that everyone else wil harass. Calling them fish, and terrible when they suck out. However, these are definitely people that you want at your table. If they get harassed too badly then they won’t rebuy and will often leave, so you won’t get a shot at their money. Therefore, the correct thing to do when other people are harassing them is to come to their defense. Say that "It was a great call" or "They know what they are doing enough to take your money." Using the chat correctly can often keep a juicy table together, or make it even juicier.


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